Home Renovation

House improvements always have at less two benefits for house owners. The first benefit, which is to make the house, looks better than before and better living place. The renovation can be add few walls or remove few walls, add new bathroom or renovate the old bathroom, renovate old kitchen or even build a new kitchen.

The second benefit, which achieved for renovation is increasing value of the house. By add a bedroom or renovate the bathroom and remodeling kitchen easily you are going to add big value to your house.

Whatever is in your mind TBC Group would works hard to help you to achieve that. Professionals at TBC Group with more than 10 years experience in construction will advice you through your plans and progressing of the project. If you don’t have plans TBC Group will help you with that. TBC Group doesn’t believe on charging percentage margin on materials and other trades services.

TBC Group provide the scheduling and plans for all project, estimate the cost of project, chooses the right contractors for your project, recommend the best method of procurement that match with your project.

TBC Group will renovate your house cost effective, on time and free of any hassling that done by much other construction company.