flooring construction


Flooring has an important dual role in your house, functional and decoration. Always it is real hard to choosing the right flooring for house renovation project. Normally depends on budget, supplier and installer. First thing is to find the best type flooring materials that match by using room, also match by the decoration of house. By choose the right materials and color for new floor can make the area of room looks and feel much larger than before.

Kitchen flooring must be Safe because there is usually heavy traffic by family member there. Also need to have low maintenance such as daily clean up, easy cleans and handle moisture. The other important subject for kitchen floor is durability. For kitchen floor is better to use a hard type floor materials such as tile, quality vinyl or laminate. Also elements that used in kitchen such as cabinetry, countertops, floor color and wall color must be matching each other.

Bathroom floor is other area of the house that should use the right materials for floor renovation. The floor in bathroom should have good resistance against the moisture. The floor must be strong and solid materials and have high durability protection against water damages.

Flooring for a family room must be base on relaxation and comfort. It is better choose flooring materials that suit the room style and decoration, also give the room relaxant atmosphere. The materials must have good durability and must be highly attractive. Hardwood and carpet are most popular which used by house owners to suit their houses.