Construction Design and Build

Design and Build

When you are going to building your new house, before you go to architects to kick off the project you should have chat with TBC Group. Why? This is a question you will ask. As a different model of house becoming quite popular, design build becomes more successful procurement method for these types of the projects. Dividing tasks between separate architecture and construction companies can be huge mistake. You can hire a full-service TBC Group to design and build your entire house project, from Drawing till final construction.

Design-build TBC Group provides architect, sub-contractors and expert construction team, all under one roof. TBC Group is focusing on a streamlined process from the design stage to the estimating stage and construction stage. TBC Group hopes of creating an efficient experience for you, Because TBC Group design-build team is able to overlap the design and construction stages of your project that speeds up the project significantly. The benefit of design and build by TBC Group is, the team works to decrease risks for the project. However, depending on the design, TBC Group provides you an interior designer, architect to help create the house you want.

There are some questions you must ask yourself before deciding on a design-build; the most important question is

What you want from your new house?

Other questions you may have include:

  • Do you like a large kitchen for entertaining?
  • How many bedrooms do you need for children and guests?
  • Do you like the basement as extra space or as a storage?

Budget is a determining factor because it affects the outcome and results of the your project. The best way to achieve the maximum outcome and your needs is to make a HAVE list and a WISH list. The expert team from TBC Group will help you to make these lists at the start and walk with all the way on the journey to sure you will achieve them at the end.